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Sports Massage In Manchester

Why choose Total Restore for sports massage physiotherapy in Greater Manchester?

Whether you score goals for Wythenshawe Amateurs or Manchester City, turn to Total Restore for your sports massage in Manchester.  We offer Premier League style service at League One prices, thanks to our trained physiotherapists.  Every one of our physiotherapists are chartered and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC).  Whether you’re returning from injury or wish to maintain peak performance, you have found the right place.

Did you know that in the first Olympic games of 776 BC, athletes had massages before their events? Sports massage therapy has been used for centuries and why? Because it works! It involves the manipulation and management of the soft tissues in the body to alleviate and rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system.

Sports physiotherapy specialises in the promotion of physical activity for health and well-being. This includes prevention, management, rehabilitation and enhancement of exercise and sports related injury and performance.

The most common sporting injuries are to the head, shoulders, hamstrings, knees and ankles.

Benefits of sports massage physiotherapy at Total Restore

  • Highly experienced and fully qualified physiotherapists;
  • A wealth of experience and knowledge of sports injuries;
  • Personalised treatment plans for all kinds of sporty types;
  • Realistic prices for initial and subsequent appointments.
How can physiotherapy at Total Restore help you?
  • Injury prevention advice and techniques
  • Identifying any previous injuries that have not healed
  • Teaching correct techniques for warming up, stretching and cooling down
  • Injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance individually tailored programmes
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Individualised exercise programmes to correct muscle imbalances, improve movement patterns and strength
  • Preventing injury reoccurrences

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We work with sporty types of all shapes and sizes, with patients ranging from footballers to golfers.  Our sports massage physiotherapy treatments in Manchester complement other treatment plans, that can get you back onto the pitch in good time.  Everything is based around your needs, with sensible prices for our initial and subsequent appointments.  If you have private health insurance, we cover most popular plans, including those underwritten by SimplyHealth, BUPA and AVIVA.

As well as leg injuries from football, rugby, and athletics, we can work with people suffering repetitive strain injuries.  Particularly from playing racquet sports, or using golf clubs, hockey or lacrosse sticks, for example.

It has 3 basic forms: pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage, to prepare the body for sports and maintain it in optimal function both during and after. Sports massage can also be used for postural muscle tension and so you do not need to be a sports enthusiast to benefit!It is suitable for a wide variety of people who are wishing to prevent or recover from general tension or soft tissue injury from overuse or repetitive strain injuries, whether it be from sports or just the daily strain of sitting in our office chairs all day.

So, whether you’re an athlete or a couch to 5k here are the top 10 benefits to a sports massage.

  • 1Preventing injury and injury rehabilitation by restoring and optimising the mobility, flexibility and tone in muscle tissue. Sports massage can speed up recovery healing times and alleviate soft tissue injury, strains and soreness.
  • 2Pain reduction. Sports massage techniques manipulate muscles, tendons and fascia to reduce tired muscles from strain, aches and pains. Sports massage prevents or treats a condition called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This condition happens a few hours after exercise, and can not only be painful but also effects function.
  • 3Improved blood and lymph circulationby increasing blood supply we increase oxygen uptake and removal of lactic acid and by-product toxins which can build up in muscle tissue, reducing cramping. Increased lymph draining can help to reduce swelling in joints and muscles.
  • 4Restore and re-balance muscle imbalances by focusing on and treating specific muscles to achieve better quality and harmonious movement.
  • 5For relaxation, wellness and to reduce anxiety. Heart and breathing rates slow, blood pressure lowers, cortisol (our stress hormone) production decreases, serotonin levels increase (our happy hormone) and muscles relax. Massages make you happy!
  • 6Restoring flexibility, mobility and muscle recovery. By relaxing, stretching and normalising soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and deeper connective tissue). Muscles massaged after exercise have fewer damaged fibres and less signs of white blood cells meaning the body does not have to work as hard to repair after exercise.
  • 7Improved tissue metabolism and scar tissue re modelling. Scar tissue from muscle damage can be a limiting factor in exercise.Addressing scar tissue early can help to minimise secondary scar tissue problems such as pain, nerve impingement, postural malalignment, prohibited circulation and risk of future potential injury.
  • 8Improves sleep. Reduces cortisol and increases serotonin levels to lead to a more restful nights’ sleep.
  • 9Boosts immune defence. By decreasing cortisol levels our immune cells become less compromised. Additional white blood cells help to ward off illness.
  • 10Improved function, energy and performance. Prepares you physically and mentally for optimum performance and productivity.

Who turns to Total Restore?

Any sporty types living in and around Greater Manchester turn to us for sports massage.  Whether you’re competing at amateur or professional level, our treatment packages are second to none.  One of our physiotherapists, Sarah, was seen at the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Glasgow.  She was involved in the polyclinic.  What’s more, our Manchester clinic is in a convenient, central position in this football mad city of ours.  The Royal Exchange building is just a short drive, or a bus, train, tram, taxi, or bike ride away.

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Massage, you know you KNEAD it! Contact us today to book a sports massage with one of our Physiotherapists to keep you at your best.

If you have any sports massage physiotherapy related queries, or you would like to book an appointment, call us on 0161 833 3008 or 07497 146161 in confidence.  You may send us an email via  Calls may be monitored for training purposes, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.