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Sports Massage – Not Just For Athletes
10 Sep

Sports Massage – Not Just For Athletes

Benefits to All From a Sports Massage

We tend to think of a sports massage as being for the elite athlete, or at the very least the serious sporting amateur.

Yet you do not need to be an Olympian or a Premier League footballer to benefit from a sports massage. Modern day occupational, lifestyle and postural health issues can be addressed with the aid of a professional massage. So even if you have not laced up a pair of sports trainers in anger for a while, getting a sports massage in Manchester at physiotherapy specialists Total Restore could still be beneficial to your overall well-being.

Modern Day Lifestyle

Whether it’s an eight hour day sat in the office or an evening relaxing in front of the television, modern day lifestyles can be increasingly sedentary. This leads to postural problems resulting in pain and discomfort in areas such as the lower back and the neck, with the potential for headaches too. A sports massage can address affected muscles, restoring elasticity and correcting posture alongside stretching exercises and lifestyle changes. A massage aims to maintain the well-being of the body and looks to prevent any developing stresses turning in to chronic issues.

Good For the Mind Too

Seeking out a sports massage in Manchester from Total Restore can not only help your physical well-being but your psychological well-being too. The stresses of everyday life can affect anyone, but the hands-on methodology of a massage can prove very soothing. Stress can create a host of woes including high blood pressure and headaches, but the relaxing nature of a sports massage can be very calming. This combination of physical and mental benefits is advantageous to all regardless of occupation, from the sporting elite to the factory or office worker.

The Age Factor

As much as we may try to deny it the body changes as we get older. However this does not mean we cannot help ourselves manage these effects better. Whether it is getting up from the sofa at home or from the seat in the office, an accompanying groan needn’t be compulsory. Muscle mass is reduced as we age and flexibility can reduce too, but a regular sports massage may help keep your muscles stronger for longer. It is just another example of why a sports massage should not be considered just the privilege of the sporting athlete, but an aid to us all in retaining overall well-being.