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Tennis Elbow Physio Treatment in Manchester

There is nothing worse than having to travel far when you are already in pain, and suffering from tennis elbow. If you live or work in Manchester, then Total Restore Physiotherapy is a great option for you; we are located in the city centre in the Royal Exchange building just off St Ann’s Square.


Why choose Total Restore Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow treatment?

All our physiotherapists are chartered and registered with the Health Professions Council (HCPC).

They also have a vast amount of experience treating tennis elbow, as it is a very common injury amongst athletes as well as the general population.

We treat every patient as an individual and create tailored, personlised recovery plans that perfectly meet their needs. It is this attention to detail that gets our patients suffering from tennis elbow back to their best quickly.


What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is often the result of everyday activity that leads to the inflammation of one of your forearm tendons attached to your humerus bone and your elbow. You do not need to play tennis to suffer from it, and it can affect anyone, whether you actively participate in sports or not.


What Causes Tennis Elbow?

Most experts believe that it is caused by repetitive movements and overuse that results in small tears in wrist extensor tendons. A poor technique in sport can also be a common cause.

What Treatments Can You Expect For Tennis Elbow from Total Restore?

We recognise that everybody is different and will devise a treatment plan that is perfectly suited for you, combining the right treatments that will get you back to your best quickly.

Tennis Elbow Physio Treatment

Who Do We Treat For Tennis Elbow?

Active tennis players, to office workers and everyone in between turn to us for tennis elbow physio treatment. Our patients are often referred to us by a third-party, or they are simply looking for a recommended physio that is located in Manchester city centre.


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