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How to Identify the Best Sports Physiotherapy in Manchester


If you have suffered from an injury or impairment, owing to illness or operations, you would benefit significantly from our treatment services in sports physiotherapy Manchester.

Physiotherapy is commonly associated with rehabilitation from injury, to restore movements and body functions. Effective physiotherapy intervention also identifies previous injuries, which have not yet healed, and pre-empt the recurrence of existing injuries.

The Importance of Sports Massage

sports physiotherapy ManchesterSports massage is a critical component of the overall sports physiotherapy package, and often recommended to ease strains, aches, and pains. The massage manipulates the muscles, tendons, and fascia, to rejuvenate tired muscles, alleviate soft tissue injury, and restore muscle tone and flexibility.

Sports massage also prevents or treats delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), a painful condition which often sets in a few hours after any exercise. A thorough sports massage also improves oxygen intake, removal of lactic acid, and release of toxic by-products which build up in the muscle tissue. This results in reduced swelling and lesser cramping.

Tissue scars, resulting from muscle damage may severely limit exercise. A timely sports massage addresses the issue of scar tissue early, and minimise secondary scar tissue problems, such as postural malalignment, nerve impingement, and prohibited circulation. It also eliminates the risk of future potential injury.

Sports massage is also beneficial for overall relaxation, wellness, and to reduce anxiety. The massage stretches and normalises muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, other soft tissues. The body does not have to work hard to rejuvenate and repair the muscle as before, with the muscle now aiding the process. A good massage also reduces cortisol, and increases serotonin levels, resulting in sound sleep. Decreased cortisol levels also boost immunity in the body.

What We Offer

Not all sports physio Manchester deliver the same results. Our Manchester physiotherapy clinic employs physiotherapists with high levels of experience and qualification. Our physiotherapists especially have work experience with the NHS, giving them exposure to almost all possible scenarios. They make an accurate biometric assessment, and tailor an individual package for you. The package invariably includes techniques to warm up, correct muscle imbalances, and improve movement, besides other specific areas where your body requires intervention.

The credibility of our agency may be ascertained from our registration with the Health Professions Council (HPC), and other professional credentials.

Overall, we offer the best value-for-money physiotherapy in Manchester, with the unbeaten combination of highly skilled physiotherapists and a commitment to delighting our customers.