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24 Apr

How Pilates Can Help Relieve A Sports Injury

The moments you suffer from sports injuries, there are several options of treatments. Pilates is one method to relieve pain and recover from the injuries. The 21st century has seen adoption and utilisation of these techniques.

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They were first used on soldiers as they needed to recover from the war injuries. The effectiveness of the exercises involved have lots of benefits to those involved. It has become a technique widely used by athletes all over the world. The techniques help to relieve sports injuries in the following ways.

Restores Muscular Balance

Imbalances in the muscles expose the athletes to injuries. The sporting activities cause these imbalances whereby some muscles are overworked than others. The muscles affected are different depending on the kind of game you play. The weakness leads to injury possibilities. Pilate’s techniques handle and eliminate these imbalances. It achieves the balancing through correction of movement patterns. It also helps muscles to move in the right direction as well as align them with the right movement pattern. These efforts ensure that you recover from the injuries. Additionally, the alignment plays a significant role in preventing occurrences of future injuries.

Conscious Breathing

Pilates is also useful in promoting conscious breathing. The breath is a vital part of Pilates. For successful breathing exercise, you need to make sure that you are not holding it. Also, to improve breathing, you need to avoid restriction to breathing so that you can achieve best breathing practice. A practical exercise in breathing aids the diaphragm in the stabilisation of the trunk. Consequently, you are likely to experience better circulation of blood to all parts. Additionally, the breathed air relieved points with pressure gradually, thus the injuries are relieved.

Improving Body Control, Positive Movements Concentration on Them

Pilates enables you to know your essential and suitable sequence to complete your movements. Thus, injured people can learn ways to move and evade stressing on their injured parts. Pilates will also help the body to increase movement speeds even under the injuries circumstances. Hence, with exercise, you can take steps without many pains. The practice efficiently improves the movement patterns for the injured. Moreover, future susceptibility to injuries is significantly reduced. It also helps in enhancing the consciousness of how you move under injury terms. It allows you to strengthen the muscles around the injured part. Therefore, you can get to move in a regular and improved manner. Also, it helps the athletes top regain body control. The exercise involved requires the athlete to control their bodies in different postures. Pilates allows you to work efficiently on your range of movement. The movements help in maintaining the right positioning of the spine. Injuries probability of exposure is reduced once you limit movements to the body’s mid-range. This is because the core alignments remain intact.

Use of Reformer Machines

Pilate’s exercises are mostly performed on a reformer machine. The machine has a carriage that operates by a sliding motion. It is connected to rope pulleys and strings. The machine is useful in helping you to regain correct movement patterns. It also helps in strengthening the body muscles. Hence, you are preventing even future injuries. For professional pilates in Manchester City Centre, contact Total Restore on 0161 833 3008 or email any enquiries to We effectively specialise in sports injury recovery and physiotherapy.