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Physiotherapy & Sports Massage in Altrincham

If you are looking for physiotherapy in Altrincham, we offer professional diagnosis and treatment catered to your injury, and any pre-existing conditions you might have. Our state of the art clinic also specialises in Pilates and sports massage near Altrincham, based in Manchester City Centre, so you don’t have to travel out of county to get treatment.

Our therapists have years of experience working with a variety of issues, from sciatica and fractures, to hamstring injuries. Our treatments have been specifically designed to help you manage pain, regain functionality in the affected area, and prevent future relapse.

Qualified Staff:

At Total Restore Physiotherapy, you will receive all the professional support and advice you need with our highly qualified and experienced staff, which will handle your treatment from initial consultation all the way through to completion. All of our therapists are Chartered and registered with HPC (Health Professions Council), with hands-on experience from years of private sector, sporting events and NHS work.

Sarah, our head therapist, has worked in a number of specialties, including neurology, orthopaedics, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal – our staff will be able to take into account any pre-existing conditions you might have, when compiling a treatment plan. Sarah has over nine years of physiotherapy experience and a Pilates qualification with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

Specialised Physiotherapy Services

Our services fall into two branches: sports injuries and musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the Altrincham area.

1. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

This area of treatment uses a process of diagnosis and clinical treatment to assist with injuries to muscles and ligaments, joints, bones, tendons, cartilage, spinal disks and bones.

2. Sports Injuries

We assess and assist with recovery through stability exercises, posture analysis, sports massage, and many others. We will also advise on how to avoid recurring injury.

We provide physiotherapy in Altrincham for easy accessibility to high-standard professional treatment in the north of England.

For physio or sports massage in Altrincham, call us today!