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What to expect from your physiotherapy treatment
23 Nov

What to expect from your physiotherapy treatment

If you are thinking of taking physiotherapy lessons there are plenty of things that you may be seeking answers for, or you may be undecided whether the treatment is good or bad for you. Physiotherapy is a responsive kind of treatment which is very beneficial to patients if done in the right manner and the right schedule followed to the core. Here are some of the main things which you may encounter in your next physiotherapy sessions.

What to expect in your physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy treatment is undertaken under a certain timeframe as determined by the physiotherapist, which are called sessions. Every session is expected to last between forty-five minutes and an hour depending on progress which is determined by the physiotherapist.

Session 1

The first session is referred to as the ‘subjective assessment’ which revolves around getting information and you and your condition. Some of the questions that you expect in this session are:

  • What was your condition origin? Is it based on an extended strain on the affected part, injury or accident?
  • Have you visited a doctor?
  • Does it have any effect on your daily life?
  • What do you do that makes it better or worse?

The physiotherapist will go through your medical history to determine the best course of action to rectify your condition.

The Objective Assessment

The first appointment with your physiotherapist will be useful in accessing the extent of your injury through the ‘objective assessment.’ You will be required to perform specific movements as directed by your physiotherapist to determine parts where you find discomfort or stiffness. The combination of both subjective and objective assessment will help your physiotherapist in determining the right course of action and guiding you on the various exercises which you can do on your own.

Session 2

The next stage starts with questions like:

  • How have you been doing since the previous session?
  • Have you experienced any positive or negative changes?
  • How did you find the exercise given to you?

From your answers to the above questions, your physiotherapist will conduct another objective assessment to determine any changes since the previous sessions and whether your therapies need a change or not.

Follow-up Sessions

You need follow-up sessions which will help in determining whether you are making any progress. The physiotherapist will be in a position to advise you accordingly based on the report received in every follow-up session until you have fully recovered or in a position to conduct the therapy sessions by yourself. You can find these services at Total Restore Manchester Physio and start your journey to full recovery.