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Functional Cupping Therapy and its benefits.
27 Jan

Functional Cupping Therapy and its benefits.

Functional Cupping is a method of treatment that uses special silicone cups to administer vacuum cupping therapy with functional movement patterns or massage. This is done either by moving the cups or a body segment. It helps release restricted tissue, reduce tissue tension, improve circulation, range of motion and nervous systems awareness.

What is cupping therapy?

It is an ancient form of alternative medicine that involves placing special cups on the

skin for a few minutes to create suction. Traditional cupping therapy is a static

procedure, meaning, no movement or the cups or the patient is involved.


How is Functional cupping therapy different?

Functional cupping combines the effect of traditional cupping with movement. This is

done by first placing the cups on the skin and then moving the cups or a body

segment. These movements create an impact on the underlying fascia and muscle.

Functional Cupping therapy is not only restricted to the back muscles. These special

silicone cups are of different sizes and can be used on any part of the body.


What are the types of functional cupping?

Depending on the type of result to be achieved the therapist will use cups on your

skin either to lengthen or strengthen the facia and the underlying muscle.

Lengthening: This is achieved by combining massage therapy with cupping, wherein

the cups are moved over that body while maintaining suction.

Strengthening: This is achieved by moving the body segment on which the cups are

placed. Additionally, resistance bands can be used on the cups to progress the load

of strengthening.


What are the benefits of cupping?

  • Releases restricted tissue
  • Reduces tissue tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves range of motion
  • Improves the strength of the muscles and fascia
  • Improves nervous systems awareness and control
  • Promotes tissue healing
  • Relaxes the muscles

Does it cause discolouration of the skin?

After the cups are removed from your skin you will notice slight discolouration for a

few days. This will fade away within 3-5 days. Unlike bruises, this is due to

unblocking the stagnant toxins and bringing them to the surface, just under the

skin from where they are metabolised by the body’s natural processes. The level

of discolouration will depend on the amount of toxins present. Removal of these

toxins makes way for fresh circulation that in turn promotes healing.


Is it painful?

Functional cupping is not painful at all. Moreover, in functional cupping, the

amount of suction produced by the cups can be controlled by the therapist,

unlike traditional cupping.


Is it safe?

Cupping cannot be done on open wounds and fractures. Otherwise, it is safe for

all. Besides, it will be administered to you by a certified functional cupping



If you have any further questions about functional cupping therapy, call Total Restore

to speak to our Certified functional cupping physiotherapist.