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What Should I Wear for a Sports Massage?
05 Oct

What Should I Wear for a Sports Massage?

Whatever type of massage is sought, this is usually the first question people ask. For a sports massage, the answer is very specific and depends entirely on the treatment you are seeking. If you want the massage to work to its full potential, you need to make sure that the clothes you are wearing are appropriate. This usually means allowing us to be able to see the muscles to make a judgement on the course of treatment, and being able to access the muscles so that we can massage and treat them.

Aims of a Sports Therapist

The main aim of your therapist will be to improve your flexibility and the mobility in your joints as well as relieve muscle pain and help prevent future injury. As the sports massage will work deep within the muscles, the more the therapist can see of your stature, and the more they are able to reach the muscles that have the issue, the better they will be able to treat you.

Massage for the Upper Body

When you have an ache or pain in your upper or lower back, the ideal situation is for you to completely remove your top. For gentlemen, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue as for ladies. In either case, if the lower back is the issue, then a loose top that can be lifted above the muscle in question will be fine. For issues that are higher up, if you are comfortable taking off your shirt, that is great. If not, a sports bra or one that allows us to access the aching muscle will be fine.

Massage for the Lower Body

Generally, if the lower part of your body is to be treated, wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts is the best idea. If they are too tight, like cycling shorts, it can cause an issue with the massage as they can restrict access to the higher part of your leg. Any clothes worn should be easily moved out of the way as any massage on your thighs or calves will be more beneficial if we can see and get to the muscles on your legs.

Specific Clothing Rules

Ideally, please wear as little around the area to be treated as possible. And don’t forget, if you must wear something:
• Make sure it is easily removable
• You can pull it up or out of the way for treatment
• We can observe the muscles you are having trouble with as well as those surrounding them
• Make sure it is thin and/or loose fitting

Remember these tips so that we can help you get the most out of your massage. Accessibility is particularly important, as often the problem causing the pain or ache you have may not even be in the muscle that hurts. It can be an issue with another muscle nearby, so easy access to the general area of the pain will be advantageous

Benefits of Sports Massage
26 Mar

Benefits of Sports Massage

The Restoration Blog

Benefits of Sports Massage. It’s that time of year again when the days start to get lighter and we get the spring back in our step. With plentiful opportunities coming up in the running calendar this year, many of us are getting off the couch, dusting off the trainers and getting stuck into a training regime. Once we start to lead a more active athletic lifestyle, then massage becomes as essential as a good rehabilitation and training programme, rest and food.

Did you know that in the first Olympic games of 776 BC, athletes had massages before their events? Sports massage therapy has been used for centuries and why? Because it works! It involves the manipulation and management of the soft tissues in the body to alleviate and rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system. It has 3 basic forms: pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage, to prepare the body for sports and maintain it in optimal function both during and after.  It is suitable for a wide variety of people who are wishing to prevent or recover from general tension or soft tissue injury such as overuse or repetitive strain injuries.

So, whether you’re an athlete or a couch to 5k here are the top 10 benefits to a sports massage.

  1. Preventing injury and injury rehabilitation by restoring and optimising the mobility, flexibility and tone in muscle tissue. Sports massage can speed up recovery healing times and alleviate soft tissue injury, strains and soreness.
  2. Pain reduction. Sports massage techniques manipulate muscles, tendons and fascia to reduce tired muscles from strain, aches and pains. Sports massage prevents or treats a condition called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This condition happens a few hours after exercise, and can not only be painful but also effects function.
  3. Improved blood and lymph circulation by increasing blood supply we increase oxygen uptake and removal of lactic acid and by-product toxins which can build up in muscle tissue, reducing cramping. Increased lymph draining can help to reduce swelling in joints and muscles.
  4. Restore and re-balance muscle imbalances by focusing on and treating specific muscles to achieve better quality and harmonious movement.
  5. For relaxation, wellness and to reduce anxiety. Heart and breathing rates slow, blood pressure lowers, cortisol (our stress hormone) production decreases, serotonin levels increase (our happy hormone) and muscles relax. Massages make you happy!
  6. Restoring flexibility, mobility and muscle recovery. By relaxing, stretching and normalising soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and deeper connective tissue). Muscles massaged after exercise have fewer damaged fibres and less signs of white blood cells meaning the body does not have to work as hard to repair after exercise.
  7. Improved tissue metabolism and scar tissue re modelling. Scar tissue from muscle damage can be a limiting factor in exercise. Addressing scar tissue early can help to minimise secondary scar tissue problems such as pain, nerve impingement, postural malalignment, prohibited circulation and risk of future potential injury.
  8. Improves sleep. Reduces cortisol and increases serotonin levels to lead to a more restful nights’ sleep.
  9. Boosts immune defence. By decreasing cortisol levels our immune cells become less compromised. Additional white blood cells help to ward off illness.
  10. Improved function, energy and performance. Prepares you physically and mentally for optimum performance and productivity.

Stay active, be happy, eat well, and find a great Physiotherapist to keep your body at its best! Massage, you know you KNEAD it!